How are teams chosen?

We have tryouts each year that are facilitated by the Bentonville High School and Bentonville West High School coaches. Each player is graded individually on specific skills and ranked. The top 8-10 players in that school zone/grade/gender will be chosen. Players must attend Bentonville Public Schools to be eligible.

When do we find out if our child makes the team?

The teams will be posted on our website. You can Like our Facebook page to be notified.

What is the tuition?

The tuition cost for the 2017-18 season isĀ $220. A one-time fee covers registration, uniform, tournaments and weekly professional group lessons by Launch Hoops. Payment is due in full at the beginning of the seasonĀ before the first practice. Please contact us if you would like to apply for a scholarship.

When/where are practices?

Bentonville Public Schools assign coaches times to access the gyms after teams are formed. They will let you know as soon as they select the day/time. All group training by Launch Hoops will be Sunday afternoons in a selected BPS gym.

When/where are games played?

Games are played every Saturday during the season at Arkansas Athletes Outreach in Fayetteville. There are two weekend tournaments (at the beginning and end of each season).

If my child played the previous year, is he/she automatically on the team again?

No, each year your child will need to try out.

Is my child guaranteed play time?

We are a competitive league. The coaches will do their best to play each person, but we do not have minimum play time guarantees.

Can parents watch practices?

No, all practices are closed. The BBC board does background checks on the coaches and they have an assistant coaches, as well. Please contact the board if you have individual concerns.